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Feature Topics

Assimilation:  How People Groups Develop and Change
The Deaf as a People Group
The Effective Communicator
Discovering and Defining Ethnicity   
Ethnic Segments and Social Strata
How to Learn an Language and a Culture
People Profiles (Africa)
Worldview Perspectives (What is a Worldview)

Resource Sets

[Worldview Research for
Cross-Cultural Communication Strategy — a Self-Directed Course] Research for Strategy
Self-directed interactive course and resource set on people group research and strategy!

[The Qaba in Mecca] Islam: Its Life and Values
Islam Resource Set
Two books, 4 Presentations   

How to Learn a Language and Culture

OBJ's Thoughts and Resources
Language, Culture, Worldview and Faith

Media Resources
Communication and Security

Site Map

Index of Articles

Research and Partnership
Virtual Research Centre
Arabian Peninsula Resource Kit
Unreached People Group Links
IMB Research Links Index

Advocacy Resources
Strategy Leader Checklist<

[PPt] PowerPoint Presentations Menu

Unreached People Group Links
Advocacy Brochure Guide (MS Word)
Sample Advocacy Profile Summary
Country Profile Template (MS Word)
Population Analysis of the Arabic Languages
Summary of the Cushite Peoples
The Kurdish Peoples
Who is My Neighbor?

News Sources
VRC News Desk
Islamic News:
Newspapers/Magazines (Safaha)

Current News (News-Spider

Research Tools

Discovering and Describing a People Group
What is a People Group?
What Factors Make a People Group Distinct?
The Deaf as a People Group
Assimilation: How People Groups Separate and Merge
Cities and Peoples
International and Multi-Cultural Groups
Describing People Groups Segments
People Groups and the Homogeneous Unit Concept

Worldview Resources
What is Worldview?
Worldview Outline Guide
Worldview Analysis Questionnaire
Worldview Perspectives
Aspects of Biblical vs. Muslim Worldviews
Culture, Learning and Communication
Quick Guide to Language Learning
How to Learn and Language and a Culture

Research Highlights Newsletter (Archives)

How to Use the Profile and Worldview Instruments

How to Do Research on the Web

People Profile Resources
People Group Profile Template — HTML
People Group Profile Template — MS Word
African People Profiles

National Geographic Mapmaking Machine
US government National Imagery and Mapping Agency
GEOnet — all other names for countries and the cities

Reg istry of Peoples
From Harvest Information System
Standard Codes for People Groups

The 100 Gateway Cities in the 10/40 Window
Alpahabetical By Nation
Alphabetical By City

Strategy Leader Training (SLT)

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