Joshua Project 2000 - Socotran (Sokotri) Profile
Joshua Project 2000 - Unreached People Profile
Socotran (Sokotri)

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People Group Information (Source PIN):
Country: Yemen
Language Spoken: Soqotri
Population of People in this Country: 80,000
Population of Language Speakers in the World: 80,000
Percent Christians of People in this Country: 0%
Number of Evangelicals of People in this Country: 0
Percent Evangelicals of People in this Country: 0%
Latitude, Longitude: 12.5363, 53.8031
Affinity Block Name: Arab World
People Cluster: Arabian Arab
Race Code: CMT30
Original Joshua Project List: Yes
Updated Joshua Project List: Yes

Additional People Group Information:
Complete Bible: No
New Testament: No
Bible Portions: No
Jesus Film Complete: No
Jesus Film In-Process: No
Christian Radio Broadcast: None
Audio Recording of Gospel: No
Video Available: No
Priority Ranking: 1

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Links to related Information, Profiles or Photos:
None Known

Others Involved with this Group: *
Agency Response: Do not associate our name with this data1
Agency Response: Have info about this people2
Agency Response: Interested in networking / partnership2
Agency Response: Involved in evangelistic activity among people1
Agency Response: Know of others targetting this group1
Agency Response: Planning evangelistic activity among people1
Agency Response: Willing to assist a research team among people3
Network: Networking resource1
Network: People advocate / Non-Resident Missionary1
Prayer: Selected group for prayer focus1