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Communication Across Cultural Barriers
Media is more than a tool -- it is the essence of communication. The content is molded by the medium, limited or extended by the medium. If you do not choose your medium, then your medium will determine your message for you!!

Media Resource Sites

World association of Christian Communicators
Online Journals of Media Topics

CRF Media
Production of Advocacy Videos, CDs, mission team websites. Custom free professional production in the field for distribute to your advocacy network.
Detailed online plan for advocacy film production.

The Thomson Foundation
Media Training for Journalism and Broadcasting and SCOPE Magazine

Transnational Broadcasting Studies
An electronic journal published by the Adham Center for Television Journalism at the American University in Cairo


Media Resource and Research Links

Virtual Research Centre
Cross-Cultural Communication -- OBJ's Thoughts and Resources
Delphi Forums
Free Secure Forums, Virtual Officing, Blogs

Last Updated 27 December 2012

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