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People Group Research for Gospel Access
How to Discover and Describe an Ethno-Linguistic People Group and Develop an Access Strategy

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Includes Islam, Language/Culture Learning, Worldview, Peoples and Language and Ethnicity modules
Updated 20 September 2012
Researching People Groups
for Gospel Strategy

1. Perspectives on People Group Research
2. Discovering and Describing Your People Group
3. Resources and Approaches
4. Documenting Your Findings
5. A Conceptual Framework
       for Research and Strategy
6. Building Your Strategy from Worldview
7. Conclusions: Summary Principles

Research Instruments
Country Profile Guide (MS Word)
How to Use the Research Instruments
People Profile Template
Questionnaire for Worldview Analysis
Worldview Investigation Outline
Worldview Survey Form (MS Word)

Power Point Presentations
Assimilation — How People Groups Develop and Change
Contrast of African and European Worldviews
Church Planting Movements — That They All May Hear
Describing a People Group
Identifying a People Group
Oral and Literate — Communicating across the Worldview Formats
Oral and Literate — Contrast of Oral and Literate Perspectives
Orality and Postliterate Culture
People Groups — Concept and Terminology
Research for Strategy
Research to Strategy — A Conceptual Framework
Toward a Model of Assimilation
Using Bridges and Barriers
What is a Church Planting Movement?
What is a People Group?
What is Worldview?
Worldview Charts

Online Resources
Articles Menu — Orville Jenkins Thoughts and Resources
Bedouin Sing Language in Israel
Caleb Project
Global Research (IMB)
Harvest Information System — Registry of Peoples
Joshua Project

Orville Boyd Jenkins
Last Updated 7 January 2013

Online SLRK Articles Menu
Online Strategy Leader Resource Kit Home
Feature Topics

Determining Ethnicity

What is a People Group?

What is "Worldview"?

Assimilation — How Peoples Merge and Diverge

Selected People Profiles

How to Learn Language and Culture


Contrast of African and European Worldviews

People Groups and the Homogeneous Unit Concept

Segmentation — Identifying Ethnic, Social Strategy Segments

Stories and Storytelling:  Communicating the Gospel in an Oral Culture

What Makes a People Group Distinct?

Worldview, Language and Culture

That They May Hear
Topics in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement,
Chapters 9 and 10

The Task Remaining
How Shall They Hear
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The Deaf as a People Group
Characteristics of the Deaf as a People Group (PPt)
Commonalities among all Sign Languages (PPt)
The Deaf as an Ethno-linguistic People Group (PPt)
The Deaf as a People Group — Menu of Resources

How to Do Research on the Internet

People Group Cultural Profiles for Strategy

Virtual Research Centre (VRC)