Research for Strategy
Identifying and Describing Your People Group

Conceptual Framework for Research and Strategy

4.  Resources — Partners
Implementation — Advocacy Brochure
3.  Strategy Plan — Access
2.  People Profile
— Summary Description —
1.  ResearchWorldviewLanguage — Relationships
— Ongoing —

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  Your Strategy has its Basis in Worldview — Profile is a Worldview Summary

The Worldview is Deeper and Broader Base
                 Culture is based on Shared Significant Experiences
Worldview Investigation attempts to discover a people's
                Shared sense of reality = Cognitive Culture

Cognitive Culture is the basis for:
   Social Role Development
        Social Roles and Obligations
        This determines patterns of relationship, decision-making, interdependence.

The Profile is a Summary for General Reference and Advocacy

Prepare an Advocacy Brochure from your People Profile to elicit Advocacy partners for your people, from home church, partners, supporters.

Building Your Strategy

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Research for Strategy
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