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Perspectives and Definitions

 Starting Focus:  People Groups -- The Peoples of the World

Strategic Directions:  Need -- Strategy -- Resources -- Implementation

            To define the need:  The Peoples, The Situation and Setting

What is a People Group?

            People = Ethno-Linguistic Group (ELG)

This is the biblical meaning of "people," "nation"

Hebrew mispahot                                      
                      Greek EqnoV - Eqnh     nation/tribe/people/clan

        Discovery is the first step --->  Description

 Primary Identification for a People Group

Factors inherent in human selfhood and the "psyche"
home, family, values, relationship styles, foundational beliefs holding a related group of people together.

Worldview issues
entails a common history, customs, sense of oneness, social structures holding the related people together

               What is a People Group      Cities and Peoples     Multi-Cultural People Groups
              Power Point Presentation: What is a People Group?

 Underlying Perspective: We become an Advocate for a People Group

Our Basic Role:  Advocate for a People Group

        An Advocate must
                    understand the people as they understand themselves,
                            take their part,
                                    represent them.
                             To the Outside World; To the Christian world.

The Challenge of People Groups

Discovering and Describing Your People Group

A Conceptual Framework for Research and Strategy
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