Research for Strategy

Documenting Your Findings

Building Your Strategy

Felt Needs
                Strategy arises out of Felt Needs -
                Defined in terms of the People's Ethnic Worldview
                Informed by the Gospel Imperative - Master Strategy Plan
                                    Partnerships, Resources, Strategy Implementation

God's Purpose
                Your Strategy is an Expression of your agreement with
                   God's Purpose for your People

                Stating Possible Channels,
                Opportunities, Activities and Resources
                                     That might help accomplish that Purpose

Partnership With God in Advocacy for Your People!

Worldview is the Thought Context

Social Culture is the Expresssion or Life Context
         Indigenous Communication Formats determine the media you use
         How they Learn - Traditional Knowledge,
                              Rites of Passage, Story Forms

         Language -- Thought-Forms -- Expectations -- Bridges


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Worldview Investigation Summary

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Research for Strategy
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