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Worldview, Language and Culture

         Worldview may be described as The shared sense of reality of a group of people

        The basis of culture is Shared Significant Experiences --
                        Common experiences of life, leading to a
                        Common sense understanding that develops within the community
                              sharing those significant life experiences

           Worldview Perspectives
           Strategy Leader Resource Kit    

          I.  Cognitive Culture

                        Shared sense of reality = Cognitive Culture

                   Values, Preferences, Beliefs
                        Right and Wrong
                        Self-identity - Significant shared experiences
           Worldview:  Culture and Experience

                Shared Experiences:  Common Basis of Identity
                Previous Experiences affect Expectations

                      Language is a primary shared significant experience
                 Language ~ Thought-formation // Worldview
                Hidden Mental World shows through in the language

                 Worldview in Language:  Language and Thought

        Language Approaches:
               Language is NOT information -- but
                             the Format for processing information.

                Grammar Explanations?
                The real cognitive aspect of language is in our use of the language to think.

               The Cognitive Culture,
                    woven into the fabric of the language,
                    is what we call Worldview.

                Your goal:  to learn to think in the format of the language
                        as the target people think:
               Translating from English will never do this.
                 Cultural Role and Language Proficiency
Culture, Learning and Communication

     II.  Social Culture

         Cognitive Culture is the basis for:
                                        Social Role Development
                                        Social Roles and Obligations
     This determines patterns of relationship, decision-making, interdependence.

         Social Interaction Patterns = Social Culture

               Language is a social medium, and thus a social skill.
                Language is a primary medium of the social culture.
                Each social encounter is a communication event.
                Language is a medium of interaction in social relationships.

         Communication events involve exchange of cultural information.
WHY?  Cognitive Culture --  Worldview -->  Social Structures

         Managed in the target language of the culture group
                     in the context of their common experiences.
         Goal:  To get into that "circle" of Thought.

Learning language as a social skill heightens memory and competency.
Event Association
Need to learn the language for handling events, situations, discussing topics.
Ultimately learn how to ask about and discuss cultural topics and get social and language correction.

    External Organization of Social Life is based on the Worldview (Cognitive Culture)
    So every social and relational factor tells you something about the Worldview!

           Worldview in Language: Identity and Relationship


The Worldview is Deeper and Broader Base
of What You Observe in the Society
Anthropologists live 2 years with a people, just to learn the language, observe and record, to gain a worldview summary.

 Shared Experiences --
Shared sense of reality = Cognitive Culture

Your Goal:  This Shared Sense of Reality
Your Resource:  Sharing Experiences with Them
Your Best Medium:  The Language

Strategy Leader Resource Kit
Worldview Perspectives
Worldview:  Culture and Experience
Worldview in Language:  Language and Thought
Worldview in Language: Identity and Relationship
Worldview Investigation Outline
Questionnaire for (Personal) Worldview Analysis
How to Learn a Language and a Culture

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