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Segmenting Your People
Orville Boyd Jenkins

1. Ethnographic Core:
    The most common cultural traits
    The highest geographical concentration of people with those traits

2. Segment Groupings: Smaller identifiable groupings by interest, age, activities, etc.

Questions for Segmentation:

Where and how do my people live?

What do they read, listen to and watch?

What are their primary ways of communicating with each other, with other groups in their society?

How can I reach them, contact them most effectively?

Which sub-groups of them are most open to outside contact, to change?

Factors for Segmentation:

Country Region Administrative Districts
Age, Sex, Family Size, Income, Education, Religion
Second Language
Family Life Cycles
Young singles, Young Married, No Children, With [Certain Age] Children
Professions, Technical, Managers, Retired, Farmers, Etc.

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07 June 2001
Last revised 17 December 2007

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