Strategy Leader Training 
Suggested Schedule and Learning Activities
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SL Research Assignments

Review and begin preparation on these assignments before arriving at SL Training. Bring critical resources you have already gathered, in print or on disk (on your computer or web site).

1. People Profile
Goal: To develop an accurate summary description of the people group as a reference resource for strategy and advocacy.
Tools: Provided People Profile Template
            Examples of prepared people profiles on web sites or in print
Scope:     Longterm: Web page and paper published form of narrative profile and summary chart
                 Primary: A fairly complete content of all categories for the narrative profile, ready for electronic transmission or paper publication (email and web site), as soon as possible
                 Immediate: Intensive focus on the questions and categories of the narrative profile and background data in the profile questionnaire
                                       Second Monday of Training
2. Worldview Summary
Goal: To gain an overview of the cognitive culture, relational and social dynamics of the target people and strategy implications.
Tools: Worldview summary outline
             Other background definitions and guides in presentations
Scope:     Longterm: Ongoing formulation throughout your experience with the people, their language and their society
                 Primary: Over the next 12 months
                 Immediate:   Basic statement of each category by the end of SL Training
3. Country Profile
Goal: To formulate a simple overview description of each country the target people live in.
Tools: World Fact Handbook country summaries (on several web links, including the Virtual Research Centre and UPGLinks of the Arabian Peninsula Resource Kit)
            Various country summaries on the internet
            Examples in prepared profiles and advocacy brochures
Scope: By the end of SLT

SL Advocacy Assignments

1. Advocacy (Prayer) Brochure/Profile

Goal: To prepare an electronic and print instrument to elicit prayer partners and advocates for your people group.
Tools: Prepared printed examples and web sites on people groups and advocacy agencies
Scope:     Primary: One month after SLT
                 Immediate: Fairly finished content and format ideas for electronic transmission, web page and paper published form
                                   Second Monday of Training
2. List of partner agencies for information and resource sharing
Goal: To develop prayer and resource networks for your people group and strategy team
Tools: UPGLinks (on the Arabian Peninsula Resource Kit)
            Various print and personal contact resources
Scope:     Longterm: Ongoing as needs develop, strategy is formulated and partners are discovered
                 Immediate: List all agencies you can compile.
                          Third Tuesday of Training

SL Strategy Assignments

1. 100 Ministry Options

Goal: To develop a brainstorming list of possibilities for approaches, platforms, activities, strategies, contact opportunities, etc.  This will be a reference for a more complete MSP.
Tools: Sample lists, discussions, free association, your imagination
Scope:     Longterm: To continue developing possiblities, thinking wild and free, creative and unlimited by resources.  Develope ideas.  Some will develop into actualities.
                Immediate:     Second Friday of Training
2. Master Strategy Plan for your people group
Goal: To develop a comprehensive practical plan for accessing and engaging the people, building relationships, contact opportunities, resources (personnel, materiel, information), and specific steps and action plans.  Tools: Sample MSPs, Equippers Visiting Strategy Leaders, Strategy Associates
            Various print and personal contact resources
Scope:     Longterm: This will be revised and devleoped on a continuing basis, evaluated at least annually in connection with annual strategy plans.
                 Immediate:     DRAFT:  Third Wednesday of Training
                             FINAL:    Third Friday of Training

Other Assignments

The Training Coordinator or Equipper may present other assignments may be assigned in the course of the training.

This page last revised 30 October 2007

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