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Research for Strategy —
Cultural Worldview

Worldview Perspectives — A Short Course
1. What is Worldview?
2. Culture and Experience
3. How Do You Know?
4. Cognitive and Social Culture
5. Worldview Noise in Communication
6. Worldview in Language:  Language and Thought
7. Worldview in Language:  Identity and Relationship

Worldview — Additional Resources
Aspects of Biblical vs. Muslim Worldviews
Contrast of African and European Worldviews
How to Use Worldview and Profile Instruments
Personal Worldview Analysis Questionnaire
Worldview Investigation Outline
Worldview Survey Form (MS Word)
[PDF]Dealing with Cultural Differences:
          Contrasting the African and European Worldviews

Worldview — Power Point Presentations
Describing a People Group
What is Worldview?
Worldview Contrast Charts
Worldview Charts

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Orville Boyd Jenkins
Last Updated 30 November 2007

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